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OZEANOS Technology GmbH
Corporate Philosophy


#1 The customer

and his satisfaction have top priority for us. We at Ozeanos therefore offer you the best possible all-round service and a constantly growing, wide range of products from the most diverse areas. All this every day anew and always at a fair price. To avoid long waiting times, we have a large part of our articles permanently available in stock. Furthermore, we have entered into a partnership with DPD, so that your order can be delivered quickly and safely to your home. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, a specially trained support team will take care of your concerns and try to find an adequate solution for both sides.


#2 Our employees

provide you with an unforgettable shopping experience every day and offer a variety of additional services to further enhance it. This gives us the opportunity to grow steadily with our tasks. Without the reliable and tireless work of our employees, none of this would be possible. Not only the customer is important to us, but also our employees. Each employee is individually challenged, supported and works independently in his or her own area.

Where much is demanded, there must also be given. Regulated working hours, regular breaks and fair remuneration are just as much a part of our company as the collegial, almost family-like way of dealing with each other. Flat hierarchies allow short ways to the management to have an open ear for every employee and to make decisions easier. Respect and tolerance are indispensable at Ozeanos. They are two of our most important guidelines to create a harmonious cooperation and a pleasant atmosphere.


#3 Good quality

is indispensable for our product managers. Strict controls and careful tests are the order of the day. Before we offer you an item in our store, it is sighted and evaluated by several employees. If an item does not meet our expectations, it will not be included in our portfolio.


#4 Our code of conduct

is based on a fair and cooperative relationship with our business partners.

They are obliged to purchase their goods and services exclusively from manufacturers whose production facilities comply with socially acceptable working & production conditions.